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Hey guys, last night I bought 5 common humans off the requisition officer. Before i could test if the leadership traits stacks/works, i had to log off the game for reasons that best not be said.

First, what i know.

1. It may be listed as a ground trait when looking at abilities but it is a space trait when looking at passives on the status page.

2. One of only 2 space traits available for BOs.

3. The BO in question must be assigned to the proper station

4. No one really has proof, some say it works other say it does not

If anyone has hard evidence of it working/stacking or not, I would greatly appreciate a reply otherwise I will post my findings after work (7 hours away) >.>

A fraps(video) or parse with one segment showing space regen in combat/out of combat with no human BOs and one with all stations occupied by humans would be optimal.

Thanks guys, have a good one