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10-26-2010, 01:20 PM
Originally Posted by Solar_Searcher
Spawn camping may not be a bug, and it may not be ilegal at present, but it is VERY POOR Sportsmanship at the very best. One MMO I played for over six years had it as Ilegal, and if you were reported for doing it 3 times, your account was Banned fro that server for LIFE.

It is a component that distroys good attitudes in any game where it is used.
I have both fed and Klingon characters. Spawn camping happens to the feds more often due to the fact that there are more fed players than Klingon players. Klingons are pvp and Fed players are more PVE. Fed players in general are less experienced at pvp and tend to do things like sitting at the spawn which result in camping. I have been in numerous matches with my klingon toons where myself or one of teammates warned in zone chat for the feds to move from spawn to avoid camping. Generally they didnt listen and got camped. Only answer for this is have multiple spawn spots to choose from as players seem unable to learn from there mistakes. Instead people whine and dont adjust to the game. As for the original poster keep doing what your doing as there is nothing wrong with what you did. Dont blame the player who is doing the camping blame the idiots who dont learn to move from the spawn point. Spawn camp till they learn or cryptic makes pvp idiot proof( with multiple spawn points, or forced spawning away from the action)