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10-26-2010, 02:26 PM
Originally Posted by Trueheart
So the question is, does everyone who sign up automatically become a reviewer or do you have to be selected as a reviewer by someone on the dev team? If everyone can be a reviewer, then why bother to separate between "reviewers" and "non-reviewers".

I think it'd be better to allow all content to be available and given an "unreviewed" status. Basically you trade signing up to be a reviewer with a checkbox that says "unreviewed" when choosing UCG content. The end result is the same except I think it would cause a lot fewer waves within the community.
Any player can sign up to review newly published community authored missions.

The reason we require a sign up, and have a separate EULA for this is because we believe that since STO is a family game, and inevitably someone will create content which is inappropriate, we need to provide a filter of sorts to be able to catch this sort of material.

By asking for people who are not concerned about coming across this content, but whom understand why someone's episode about [Insert your worst case scenario here] isn't healthy for the game, we can catch a large amount of this content before it is seen by those who would rather not be subjected to unvetted material.