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10-26-2010, 02:42 PM
The only ray of hope we have on this is a mention of private Fleet instances for these, which (I assume) would allow any of your fleetmates to enter the same Fleet Action to take it on together, regardless of rank.

When STO first launched, the Fleet Actions were not level banded like this. I, and many others found it to be FAR more enjoyable that way, but their were problems. Namely, RA5 players coming in and absolutely destroying Fleet Actions like Starbase 24, and taking all of the top spots from the players who could actually use the rewards.

They instituted this system to alleviate that issue, and to give capped players more to do that poses a decent challenge. While it fixed those problems, it also did alot of damage to the team dynamic of it all. Fleet Actions were STO's biggest selling points, and being unable to do them as a fleet, or having to deal with the major headache that level banding introduces really took a toll on them.

I wish they were able to come up with a more elegant solution at the time, but atleast we know it's on the drawing board. Until then, cross your fingers.