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10-26-2010, 03:21 PM
Originally Posted by amidoinitright View Post
Actually, i think that smack talk can be a game enhancer.when it doesn't get personnel, anyway.
i seldom do it myself, although, i seldom need to.You see, I fly with a certain Mikey.He is our Psyops specialist.
It is a rare day when he cant get some random feddybear so discombobulated that all they do is go after Mikey. Who, of course, fly's a tank.While Mikey flies around shrugging off his opponents fury, the rest of us come over & take the angry fed out.It can be quite amusing.
also, ganking someone who is busy typing in zone chat is sure to get that person even MORE off of his/her game, leading to more beautiful explosions.We are all on voice chat, so we dont even read the zone chat, except to see who Mikey's target is.& belive it or not, Mikey is actually a very polite, knowledgeable player with a wicked sense of humor. he is nothing like his game chat persona.
anyway, try not to let the trash talk get to you, because that may be the entire reason for it in the first place.
to get you off of your game.
No, not Mikey. He wouldn't talk trash. He's just sensitive and likes to express himself with some very emotional haiku's during combat.