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10-26-2010, 03:38 PM
Originally Posted by Togmeister
Thank you very much. That image is very helpful but before I am go off to play if I may bother you all for a bit of fan trivia: In Deep Space 9, what kind of Bird of Prey Did Guld Ducat(sp) steal and use against the Klingons? I kind of want to get my hands on that one.

Just some things for you:

1) You cannot create a Klingon character off the bat; to do so you must have one Federation character at level 6 (Lieutenant 6). This can be accomplished in about three-four hours of gameplay. I do not know if a trial account allows for Klingon creation.

2) The reason for 1) above is that the Klingon faction was conceived as a purely PvP faction, and as such the whole "first character has to be Fed level 6" thing was to make sure you were familiar enough with the mechanics to be able to enter PvP. Not to mention that way they didn't have to write two different tutorials .

3) As a purely PvP-centric faction, Klingons don't have a lot of PvE content. The devs are slowly adding such content; however in their current state, you will have to either do a lot of PvPing, or a lot of Exploration missions - and Exploration missions get repetitive real, real fast. Again, though, the devs have seen the error of their ways and are "working on" additional Klingon PvE content - just don't expect it Soon(TM).

JUst bear those in mind.