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10-26-2010, 05:00 PM
Mulitple choice dialog options with branching trees, so that your dialog choices affect the outcome of a mission.

The ability to move players from one location to another without a transporter effect.

The ability to have players take command of a ship other than their own.

Access to ALL environment elements that are currently in game, including c-store assest (like bridges and uniforms).

The ability to have the players get captured by the enemy (players disarmed, beam out blocked, no request for reinforcements). Also the ability to activate this from a dialog box. (as in surrendering, if neccessary).

The ability to gather information from the surrounding environment without having to use one of your bridge officers as an interface. I have a mission I want to create where the character is on his/her own, and I may want the character to get information about an object without having to have a BO explain it in a dialog box.

The ability to change the character and Bo outfits to something appropriate to the mission. Like if the Captain has to go undercover for a Section 31 mission, it might be appropriate to NOT have him in a Starfleet uniform.

Shuttlecraft!!! Or at least a shuttle prop that can be placed on a planet.

The ability to have multiple enemy factions that are fighting against each other as well as the player.

The option to NOT include anomalies on a map.