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10-26-2010, 06:31 PM
This just occurred to me...don't skimp on the batteries! They're cheap and easily replaced (especially if you have a Klink toon to funnel them to your Fed). Not only do they provide a short power and skill boost...but they repair disabled subsystems as well.

Engine batteries might generally be best for most people - especially when combined with evasive maneuvers. You can fly 20km away in just a couple seconds.

Weapon batteries are great for a temporary boost to damage but I find them most useful either when I'm on a defensive power setting or if I full impulse to catch someone and I immediately need full weapon power.

Auxiliary batteries are great for if you can't afford to run high aux power but still have abilities that depend on it (this is especially true for science captains).

Shield batteries obviously give you that extra survival boost that might be critical while your defensive BO powers recharge...but I've found them more useful to clear a target subsystem or phaser proc on your shields.