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# 4 Humans shouldn't suck
10-27-2010, 01:12 AM
It really should do something, but I noticed that my klingons heal at the same rate as my fully human crews. Sadly it means that humans are the worst members of Starfleet. If they did have leadership it would make them the best.

The problem is with PVP balance. Klingons win more PVP games, because of more experience with PVP, than does Starfleet. But most elite PVPers I know agree that the federation ships are better in elite hands than the klingon ones. So if only the federation has humans, then a working leadership trait would ravage the PVP balance.

I think it would be best to give humans their leadership trait at the full 15%, but give klingons a compensating space damage boost to the honourable trait. Most space crews in the shows are human or klingon for their respective sides. Let the others have their role on ground combat. Or the devs could give every major race some space trait on top of what they already have, and give the humans another ground trait to keep things balanced.

PVP should not be imbalanced, but having humans as the race least likely to succeed is pathetic. Human has to be the race least played in the federation, because everyone knows leadership remains broken. How many of my human looking toons are actually aliens? All of them. How many humans do I meet on ESD? None with more than a few weeks of play.