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10-27-2010, 02:16 AM
Ideally I'd like to be able to script NPC behavior and its equipment and powers. But that might not be possibly anytime soon.

Branching storylines would be great, which includes failable missions.

I want variables that I can use for my dialogue and development of the story like race, sex, class and rank.
- I want to have a scenario where I enter the mind of a Vulcan using mental link. Adapting the mission text so that if you're a Vulcan, it's you intiaiting it and elsewise it's by a trick from another Vulcan would be a small but neat tweak.
- Another one is of course allowing a romantic interest in an episode - having the ability to switch the sex of the NPC based on the sex of the player character, or at least the text to fit the sex of the player character.)
- An NPC adresses you either as superior, an equal or as an subordinate based on your rank.

I would like the ability to create one mission and provide translations for different languages in that mission (so it needs to be reviewed and published only once...)

Edit: I also want to create PvP maps/missions.