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I would like to say that I'm really looking forward to the Foundry, I really like the occasional time I spend in CoH/CoV making and playing well crafted player made missions, it can be fun and a nice change of pace.

A suggestion, it makes SO much sense to link this to the holodeck on our ships (well, if we had holodecks on our ship). I mean this in two ways, first instead of selecting play/create on sign in, go to your ship (or anyone's ship, or heck, they are on space docks, too). and go to a holodeck. When you're inside you have the option to create program - by selecting it, you're shown the terms of agreement, and when agreed, you're loaded into the foundry side of things.

The other thing is it would be nice to be able to create content for play INSIDE holodecks. By that I mean you'ld be able to set a location as being in the holodeck on the ship, when it's entered you'd be transfered to the selected map (ie a simulation of the 'real' place).

Just my thoughts, because holodecks are missing from the holodeck () and I think it would be cool to see them there, and in my opinion this would be the perfect place reason to get them in-game.