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10-27-2010, 07:29 AM

what is the use of playtesting if it isnt for quality assurance?

you say the rating, which seems to be a simple 1 - 5 stars like / not like button doesnt determine if the mission makes it into the game?

So if say 20 Players are needed to play the mission before it gets into the game and all those 20 People say it's crap and vote 1 star it still gets into the game?.... WHY?

Flagging a mission is only for violations so if you think it isn't true to Star Trek in any way but otherwise it is a good mission for say the Holodeck there is no way of saying that?

I think we need a discussion about what kind of ratings we want for it and what they are supposed to accomplish.

This content would best fit to:
[x] the real Game World ( = epic long missions with specific location and true to ST / STO)
[] patrol mission (simple or short mission with specific locations in mind)
[] Holodeck (not true to Trek in any way but fun mission anyway, for the crazy stuff)
[] Exploration Sectors (simple short mission with no specific location in mind, repeatable)

For the player this means,
if you want to do a short mission you switch to Patrol mode.
if you want to do some big long epic Missions you switch to Episode mode
if you want to do Exploration, but you are sick of the default missions go to exploration and enable UGC so you run into new intresting missions
if you just want to see some crazy / fun stuff go to the holodeck on your ship interrior and press the random button.

meta ratings:

overall rating: 1 - 5 stars

tech: 1 - 5* (did the creator utilize the game functions in a good way, does everything work as expected from the game? did your system provide a stable framerate or is there to much stuff on the map that slows the game down more then usual?)

Canon: 1 - 5* (is it true to the series and the game universe?) ...seriously if missions that fail canon aren't thrown out before it goes into the game then at least let me filter these out when i play.

amount ratings (these are not about the quality but to rate the ammount of action/diplomacy involved in the mission so players can filter for diplomatic or combat missions)

action / combat: 1 - 5*
diplomatic / non combat: 1 - 5* (if it gets a high enough diplomatic rating the mission could grant +10 dxp ?)


just sayin a simple 1 - 5 star like / dont like button isn't realy doing it for me, especially if it isn't even a rating that decides if the mission will get into the game or not.