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In order to avoid unnecessary speculation and bring some clarity to the review process - I'm starting this thread to show you the current plans on how Published Foundry Missions end up and in game.

Since this feature is still in development and the Foundry is in Beta (and not even at Closed Beta at time of first writing) all of this is SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


Upon sign-in to STO, players have 2 options: Play or Create

If you select create, you are inside the toolset where you create, playtest and save your Foundry Projects.

Once you are happy with your Project, you can Publish it.

The Publishing process sends your Project to a queue where some AI code is added to your maps to ensure pathing functions.

Once your map is finished Publishing it is now available for Play Testing by anyone who has signed up to Play Test Foundry missions. These players are given a list of missions to play, or can look for specific missions, or can simply say play newest. As a Foundry author you can both create and play test missions.

The goals of play testing is to complete the mission. If the mission is completed, the reviewer is given the chance to rate the mission 1-5 stars (and possibly add comments).

Once a mission has been completed X number of times, it now qualifies to show up in Player Made Mission searches for any player in the game.

In order for any player to take a player made mission, they must go to the remote contact list, select the new Player Made Mission tab, search for the type of mission they want to play, and then select the mission to grant themselves.

Once they grant themselves the mission, it shows up in their mission list and it tells them where to go to start the mission. When any player completes a mission they are also given the option to rate the mission 1-5 stars (and possibly comment).


There will be a Foundry Terms of Use Doc that outlines rules that must be adhered to when making content. This will include CBS guidelines for what can and can't be used, as well as specific things that are deemed not-allowable and cause for Flagging.

While playing a Foundry made mission a player feels that the mission has violated the specific rules laid out, they can Flag the content. They will be asked to select the specific violation they are reporting and we will log their account info along with their complaint.

We will take flagging content very seriously as reporting missions in this manner can lead to a mission being pulled from the game until the author addresses the complaint.

This Flagging will not be used for things such as "I didn't like this mission" or "This sucks" or "This doesn't feel Star Trek to me"... but instead for things that violate IP license rules (example: using a character or likeness that is on the not allowed list), violating standard terms of service rules (example: advertising other products or services in your mission text), or attempting to circumvent foul language filters.


Any player made mission can be played by anyone so long as the person playing it has signed into the Foundry and agreed they are willing to "review" missions that may or may not have crazy mind-altering badness in them (i.e. no one but the author knows what you are about to play - so be warned). Players can send other players the link to the mission. They can search for it. They can just randomly find it.

Whether or not a player made mission shows up for all players boils down to it being completed X number of times - NOT what have reviewers rated it.

Ratings are intended to give players an idea of what others who have completed the mission thought of it. They don't carry the I think this sucks therefore it will never see the light of day weight some think it will. It may impact some search filters (such as show me the highest rated content) but since you can search for missions by other filters, it is really designed as a tool to describe the perceived quality of the content. We've even talked about turning this on for Cryptic missions as well.

If a mission is Flagged for violating terms of use rules it is possible the mission will be pulled until the author addresses the issue and re-publishes. If the same mission is then again flagged for the same thing, there is a chance for further investigation and discipline (TBD). Likewise if we feel someone is abusing the Flag system and false-reporting issues, there is a chance of investigation and discipline on their end as well.
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