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10-27-2010, 09:10 AM
Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus View Post
That seems like a big "if", but the only real answer at this point is "we'll see". However, considering the fact that we're talking about the mission only being played by people who have signed the EULA at this point, I dont see why it should be removed with only 1 flag. If it REALLY is inappropriate, then it should get flagged more than once shouldnt it?
I agree with your points about flagging. However, I don't know if people shouldn't be able to rate it based on content as well. Yes, the main purpose of play testing is to filter inappropriate stuff. However, if some of my fleetmates want to play and rate my mission, they shouldn't have to wait for 10 other, random people to play test it for appropriateness first. Sure, they could experience it, and tell me "boy that was great!", but they'd have to play it again for the rest of the community to see their 5-star rating.

I see this as the main reason for people "signing" the EULA: playing their friends' missions faster. I put "signing" in quotes here because I believe that a great portion of people playing UGC will scroll through the EULA, click the "yes I really read it" button, and go off and play stuff they would have to wait who knows how long for. Sure, there'll be a good portion of people that actually do what they're supposed to, and flag for violations, but I think the vast majority will not.

Who knows, I could be wrong. But the initial lack of missions available for everyone to play will drive people to be play testers, just to get more UGC faster.

Originally Posted by Solarfox
There's nothing you can do about that, short of demanding that everyone who signs the ELUA for the Foundry provides proof of age or something of that nature.

Cryptic will cover their collective backsides by stating that anything seen in the Foundry may not be suitable to a T rated game and using the system is at your own risk.
So the only point of the separate play tester group is to allow those who don't wish to see potentially "inappropriate" material to opt-out until it's been screened? That seems a little silly. CoX released everything to the public, and it's fine. Get a three flag system as Nagus suggests, make everyone sign a EULA to play UGC, regardless, and be done with it.