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10-27-2010, 01:28 PM
Originally Posted by Houyoku
Hey Dstahl...a quick question about Season 3, can you give us the quicklist of what's in it since the engineering report doen'st quite state what's in Season 3 since it keeps changing.
Well for the most part it does keep changing because we want to ensure a solid release and avoid pushing out features that just aren't ready for prime time yet.

To be release prior to Season 3
* Rest of the Devidian Series
* New Daily Patrols in Eta Eridani
* KLG Lvl 51 Ships
* Enterprise Series Bundle Pack
* 300 Day Veteran Rewards

Here's the short list of what I currently expect to be live at Season 3 release day.
* Foundry (Beta)
* Episode Replay - go back and replay episodes you've already completed
* Sector Space Visual Revamp
* Crafting turned on for KLG Faction with fun new ways to get anomalies
* Pi-Canis Sector turned on for KLG with new repeatable patrols
* Remote Contact mission UI revamp
* 200 Day Veteran Reward for KLG
* More Loot! (new craftable set, STF set, episode specific rewards)

On the maybe list for Season 3 release day (if not shortly after)
* Sitting in Chairs
* New Loading Screens
* New Earth Spacedock Exterior
* Gorn character customization
* New playable Vulcan ship
* All Good Things Uniform
* Exchange Updates

On the still in the works and coming soon after Season 3 release day
* Feature Episode Series 3
* New Ground Combat Mode
* Remastered Episode Reruns
* PC Gamer Jacket Uniform
* Andorian Playable Ship