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10-27-2010, 08:43 PM
Well the UGC writers do have the option to blaze thier own path.

Make your own iconic NPCs...the OTHER important folks never mentioned in current star trek lore.

There is more than 1 don't need THE Q, you can use a different Q...there are several members
of that race...all have thier own agenda.

Make up your own stuff...keep it Trek, and build on it.
Maybe on earth there is a romulan underground working with Federation Intel branch that
exchange favors for...a secret place to plot the return of the true romulan royal family....

maybe there is a special secret taskforce to track down orion pirates

YOU create the epic NPCs, secret departments, rogue scientists ect.. Then base all your adventures
with the understanding that they your version of things.
The Federation is so big, not even the Federation Pres. would know half of what goes on behind
closed doors.

Why wouldn't branch 13 handle this ? We are more focused and we are apart from them, they have
other ...less pressing matters to deal with

I have never heard of the Klingon/Vulcan timeline intervension agency......Good....we prefer it that way.