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10-27-2010, 09:53 PM
Ok... So there is no intended commerce of commodities in STO?

I had proposed before that Starfleet did not approve of Ship Captains making profit unless it suited them in a time of war in order to maintain trade with worlds in hostile situations.

This would seem to be what we were led to believe.... in this time of crisis items were more "in demand" because normal trade was being destroyed....

It was up to individual Captains to maintain the supply lines to the Deferi.

And what better product than Industrial Replicators?

This was the "Economic" situation that was presented. The crises has subsided and normal trade has resumed...

Just wait until ESD is Destroyed and Martial Law is declared and all EC are confiscated and redistributed to build the NEW Earth Space Dock.

Then everyone starts off with 1 million EC and we can start building our Fleet Starbases.

A nice level playing field.