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10-28-2010, 11:32 AM
Originally Posted by Ad.Astra
So, to summarize:

You know you get to control the engagement with the first strike. You decloak on our butts with weapons buffs and unload. We can run, but we can't hide. If we stay and fight, somehow get the upper hand, you can run, cloak, heal yourself and have the same huge advantage over and over again.


KvF PVP is at a crawl because of how unbalanced this fundamental advantage makes a match. Couple that with the huge amount of PVP time a klink has to put in to run up the ranks and, YIKES. Its a blowout most of the time. Go figure.
Tbh from my personal esperience this was always a crock of **** and is even more so now. Before last april i lvl'd a fed tac when klingons truely had an alpha strike, not the **** poor excuse of a strike they have now and it was a rare day that comming thro the ranks i was on a losing team, only when someone felt racing off to find those cloaked ships was a top plan or someone who wanted to suicde 15 times to get badges, that however had jack to do with balance.

Now you practically have to be asleep not to survive a strike from a klingon, discounting running into the top five klingons all in the same pug, which is no different to running into a full group of -tsi- or anotehr top fed guild and walking away with a 15-0 loss.

Only if you are already in a fight and have recently fired a few defences will you find a spike kill to an uncloaking klingon, and tbh at which point the fact he was cloaked is irrelevent (discounting the samll damage boost) as anyone who is in a fight is vulnerable to a second attacker cloaked or not, more so in a bop with it 24k (27 if you spend 9 points in the ship class) hull.

Even a coordinated skrike against a fed ball hardly has any surprise, only thing to discover is who is the target, and tbh if your getting hit (note turret fire hits before cannon fire so you have time) one rsp will give your team an age, even in a pug to react.

Peopel complaining about battle cloak hate it for one reason only, the kill got away and a lot of the time a bop is an easy kill to most ships given how fragile it is.