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10-28-2010, 12:18 PM
Not only that, but if you actually LOOK at the skill, it SPECIFICALLY SAYS that it boosts Photonic Shock Wave!

Directly from the in-game skill text for Photonic Theory:

"Starfleet Admiral

Photonic Theory
Holographic projection skill.

This skill improves starship photonic abilities.

Examples include:
Photonic Shock Wave

Photonic Fleet

Sciences Captains who learn all 9 ranks unlock the skill to train officers Photonic Shockwave III"

Photonic Shock Wave is even the first example the skill itself gives as an ability it improves. Can't get much clearer than that. If they want Deflector Dish to improve it fine, fix the text! Otherwise, fix the bug that has PSW assigned to Deflector Dish! One or the other, doesn't really matter to me.