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10-28-2010, 01:56 PM

Ive been modding for many years now for numerous games etc.

I am going to try my best to make missions for STO , ive prewritten three allready.
One is Fed side only , the other is klink side only , the third should be converteable to both factions.
Ingame i play both factions but i will probably set my sights on klink missions as they severly lack missions to do.

My Klink mission in brief is called 'Gorn too Soon' , it will be about a Gorn splinter group that in the end tries to break free for federation space with the stolen Kar'fi , it will be space and ground and hopefully ship interior. Not giving anything away though

The mission that i could create a copy and port off is called 'The Entity Unknown' and is pretty interesting.

The fed only mission is more a diplomacy type mission , it even involves Andoria and Vulcan.

I am working on early stages of a Klink Mission as well , i want to use the outside of Qonos and hopefully will delve into there culture and honor more.

Im very much looking forward to this Foundary , i can see myself not playing much and doing just that , after all modding etc is my love!

May request a writer though , and dialgue isnt my strongest point , my last team consisted of 2 scripters (actual code) , and writer , and a few testers.

Just wish i could get my hands on it now , i would test that bugger into the ground lol