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10-28-2010, 02:16 PM
The first mission I write will be a re-write of that god awful Pico Patrol mission.

I wrote well over a thousand words about how bad that mission was during the CB, about how it could easily be improved to be a better example of the sort of missions players will encounter later in the game, about how it was such an awful early game experience since it would be encountered in the first couple hours of gameplay right after the tutorial.

Figure I might as well do a re-write and prove how it could have been better.

After that... One of my favorite patrol missions is the one where you fight alongside a Fed ship which is going to raid a Klingon installation, it starts with you taking out an array of turrets and then some BoPs nearer to the installation. Building off of a framework like that, a series of missions where you work alongside another vessel is something I would like to do, having a recurring NPC vessel that you team up with sounds like a place to start with in writing some interesting stories.

Along with those I'd like to write some more puzzle or mystery based episodes. Where you have to puzzle out what is going on and search an environment for clues. Possibly writing something with a recurring criminal villain, such as a member of the Orion Syndicate smuggling and extorting people or something similar.