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Originally Posted by Hythian View Post
Search for the mining ship.... that is directly in front of you when your arrive in the mission.

Escort the mining ship... to the location directly in front of it.

Basically you fly straight ahead for about 5 seconds, click through one pop-up box, turn 90 degress to the left, balance power, drop the throttle to about 60% and then go do laundry or wash dishes or cook food and come back five+ minutes later to find you've completed the patrol mission while you were afk.

There is no story, no drama, no urgency, literally the most boring and dull mission I think the game has and it's in the very first set of patrol missions that you do.

It could have had the mining ship trapped by rocks that you needed to free them from, or you could have had to beam aboard for a very short non-combat away team sequence where you helped them get their engines going again, or any number of a long list of things the mission could have had that would have added to the story and made you feel like you accomplished something or that you actually took part in doing something, other than what it is now.

The hardest part of doing a re-write of it will simply be choosing between which of the many many ways the mission could be improved while still keeping it short enough to be a 'patrol' length mission.
Ahhh I know what you're talking about now. That one is pretty bad, but I don't think it compares to how awful pretty much every mission in the Romulan area is, which nearly got me to stop playing the game.

The thing I hate most about that mission is that I can't just put my tractor beam on the thing and drag it at high impulse to the destination.

As for it not being like you accomplished something, I wouldn't mind not having anything happen so much if it weren't for the fact that it's not like something random you come across while exploring a system. If I came upon this random damaged transport as I was cruising through a solar system I decided to explore, and could tractor it to its base, that would actually be ok because it would make perfect sense you'd occasionally come across that kind of situation.

But it's not. It's a patrol ordered by Starfleet because apparently the mining facility's sensors and communications equipment is so bad it can't see the ship within their own asteroid belt.