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10-28-2010, 04:43 PM
Are there plans to extend the amount of bridge officers viewable on a player's ship either by having them located in other sections of the interior (e.g. engineering, sick bay or ten forward) or expanding the numbers avaliable on bridges?

The reasoning behind this question is that due to bridge officers being an integral part of the game, I personally feel for those of us that like having a lot of them that it would be nice to view them all in the interior. The Klingons currently has a bridge that allows for 16 BOs to be visible at once. A similar bridge for the federation would be nice.
A link to a thread I started a while back outlining in more detail various suggestions:

Further question:

Will UGC allow us to customise our ship interiors?
Even if this is only in a limited way: e.g. essentially slotting rooms in behind doors using existing layouts and artwork since rooms such as shuttle bays etc already exist and it would be nice to visit them in our own interior.