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10-28-2010, 03:48 PM
1) Other than the semi first person targeting tech being applied to ground combat, are there any other things in store?
2) Long question. Almost all enemies storylines aren't going anywhere. Dominion, Romulans, KDF/Fed war, Undine, Borg and so on and so forth. Now you add the Breen, the Felkner, Devidians, and you plan on adding the Tholians as enemies. I bet you have more plans as well.
Now, I don't mind the esthetics of it, you are doing a good job. And I do understand that we are creating the foundry so that players can make thier own missions.
But the question I have is, does Cryptic plan on doing anything with the many storyline threads they have created?
3) Tactical ground is fun. Engineering isn't. I mean, as a tactical guy, you get to summon extra security to help you over and over again. As an engineer, you can make the ground shake a little. Are thier plans on changing engineering ground fighting?