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10-28-2010, 03:59 PM
Originally Posted by Pell View Post
ig you look at the final score tablees at the end of PvP which pilots are top dam dealers have the best kill/loss rario you will see the BOP pilots way ahaead on those statistics e.g. 33 kills maybe one or 2 loss some of the best BOP pilots 0 loss, so please dont tell me that the BOP isnt the best ship in this game, because i fly it on my klink Char (sci) and its far better than using my intrepid where my influence and powers and dam are no where near as effective than my sci using a BOP.
That has more to do with skills and how they are flown, they're often being flown like escorts, the cmdr and lt cmdr bo slots being tactical. The same can be done with escorts fed side, particularly the defiant. Also the "escape" can be done by most ships if they are already flying at full speed just by hitting a battery and hitting evasive, its very rare when I do pvp on in my escort for me to get a death and it's also common to be one of the biggest hitters.

Also the "designed" way to pilot the BoP is easier than the intrepid which (which I fly on my only sci toon), with it's ablative hull, is more design for crowd control/annoyance than DPS (ie pop the ablative and keep poping sci skills while you can stay around, something a BoP can not do), you can also pull off the escape move with it.