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Originally Posted by Pell View Post
Tbh from my personal esperience this was always a crock of **** and is even more so now. Before last april i lvl'd a fed tac when klingons truely had an alpha strike, not the **** poor excuse of a strike they have now and it was a rare day that comming thro the ranks i was on a losing team, only when someone felt racing off to find those cloaked ships was a top plan or someone who wanted to suicde 15 times to get badges, that however had jack to do with balance.

Now you practically have to be asleep not to survive a strike from a klingon, discounting running into the top five klingons all in the same pug, which is no different to running into a full group of -tsi- or anotehr top fed guild and walking away with a 15-0 loss.

Now i just fought as a fed in a pvp capture and hold and you were in your Wrath char in a BOP despite trying to kill you numerous times in my defiant even when i had tou tractored i noticed a few attacking you not only were you getting away but despite my alpha with oveloaded quats and rapid fire 3 you survived easily got away with your BC faster than i could say Hussain bloody bolt within 30 secs you came back and took me out i was already in armor trying to get away from some one else you chased me despite my speed and here it comes i couldnt cloak you wanna no why cause your wepons were hitting me vice versa you could and did cloak and came back to kill me. diff err battle cloak, if that BOP was so crap fly the raptor! but then again how many peeps fly that compared to the bop, i would say the BOP has it dont you, so spare me this rubbish, sure i can gwet away most of the time but its easier for a klink with a BC

O just one other thing i will have to try the vorcha, tonite i saw a vorcha move and manouvre as fast as an escort, and i witness this guy declaok and take out a ship with full shield and hull in less than 2 secs not sure what the fed ship was but wow, he had cannons, and i noticed generally the vorcha seems alot faster and manouvreble than say the excelsior, this is just an observation not flown it yet but i will look at that. Offcourse before you klinks starting pointing out that the feds have the excelsior i know its a cheese boat it has Transwarp drivewhich as you know as a massive advatage in PvP because it transwarp between points on the pvp map lol.
I never said the Bop was a poor ship, it has vulnerabilities and as i mentioned, is, like anyother player in any other ship vulnerable to a second attacker. Perhaps you did not kill me but that is not so much the bop being the ultimate escape ship, that is me squeezing everything i can out of it and my own ability to recognise the moment to leave, or stay, if i was fighting another ship and you attacked with your alpha i might well have had my full defences active, negating your alpha as a coincident. Had you waited a second or two, or were a second or two earlier your strike might have been more decisive, this ability is available to both sides as a second attacker and is not the sole domain of the kdf. Today i was also killed while cloaking becasue i had so many claok debuffs that everyone and their dog could see me still and i had dropped shields making a death childs play.

Earlier today i was on my defiant in a 4/5 -tsi- and once s31 (i think) and was practically one shot by Tripwire whos BO3 crit me for 43k after blowing through almost full shields, while i was attacking the called target. if i had been in a bop the result would have been exactly the same, he bought decisive fire power at the most opportune time, i had not activated defences as i was not unde fire from another, nor was i expecting the attack and the delay in reacting cost me, if anything could have been done vs that crit. Thankfully that high a crit is not commonplace, at least as far as i have experienced

not tried the new cruiser but i hear it is nice

However this does not alter the fact that fed ships are more than capable of dealing with a kdf strike through all the tiers, currenly my T1 Lt cruiser (engi captain) can hold off 3 Bops for a time, more than long enough to live through an alpha and start to break them down and if the team thro me a heal i am good to tank like a king vs those cloaking op klingons