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10-28-2010, 04:31 PM
Originally Posted by Fatherfungus View Post
Hmm interesting concept....rewritting current adventure
Who knows, cryptic might adopt a few of them.

Why redu something that someone already did for you?
assuming they give you permission and the legal department doesn't have kittens over it. :p

Well, for my part, when doing lots of the missions I often find myself thinking "This makes no sense" or "Why can't I?" or "This mission would be so much better if..."

Since P'Jem is one of the first missions, and probably the first one where not being allowed to make a decision bothered me, it's the one I've spent the longest thinking about reworking.

On top of that, if I make something myself, it's likely to be more complex than something I would just re-do, so the re-do makes a good test of what I can and cannot do. If I can't even upgrade one of their missions to how it I think it should be, then it would probably not be worth my time to even try to do something original.