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10-28-2010, 06:45 PM
I'm going to start with some simple standalone missions, but when they add the functionality to link missions I've got a Jem 'Hadar multi-part mission (short of like the Featured Series in length) that is going to be so much fun to do I ... can't ... wait!!! If it looks like linking won't be added for a long time I might do it in pieces and have the contact at the end tell players to return to the Foundry tab and search for "Title of Next Mission".

I'd like to make some ground missions that don't involve running down the same 7 corridors in a too bright underground lab that has skylights above said corridors. I'd like to give people options between battle and brains, but it depends on the options we can put in with the UGC tools. If we can do decision trees like in the Rescue the Deferi mission I'll be using that quite a bit.

I just hope I have time to make missions between playing everybody else's!