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10-28-2010, 06:38 PM
hi gang. I have to say I do love the game, but there is room for improvement. Right now, my biggest problem is with the bugs. The most recent one was when you guys did the update that made the Tier 11 weapons Bind on Equip. It was a great idea, but there was a problem. I purchased 4 ships weapons and they became bound to the character who purchased them. Unfortunately, they were meant for another character. I sent in 4 tickets (one for each item) and 3 of them were returned resolved though nothing was fixed. Is there a chance that we will see this problem fixed anytime soon. I had my first item problem about 4 weeks into the game, and 7 months later it still has never been fixed. I am hoping that the items that I purchased will be fixed. Or maybe you can have a program that lets the people who had that problem trade them in and get a refund for the price it cost (be it emblems, marks of honor, marks of exploration, or marks of valor). And please, please don't make us wait.

Also, when will our ship's crew's uniforms match the uniforms that we create for our characters and their bridge officers? Finally, I have to throw this in there. How about the TOS bridge? I know its been asked for, but ... how about it?