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10-28-2010, 08:47 PM
Precedent can be found in the canon before Abrams.
  • "STNG: All Good Things". The Enterprise, commanded by Adm. Riker, attacks perpendicular to a Klingon's Z-axis.
  • "Wrath Of Kahn", Spock observes a deficiency in Kahn's 2-dimensional battle tactics.
I suspect statements by the producers of the franchise suggesting a preference for the established orientation are simply rationalizations for operating within a restrictive FX budget.

For example. Roddenberry was noted as saying, "Transporter" technology was added because he couldn't figure out how to land the "Enterprise".

It seems to me that restricting the orientation in this fashion is a little silly, as the originators would not have done so, had they not been restricted by the technology of their time.