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10-28-2010, 09:20 PM
1st, With the new Klingon ships debuting soon.......what was the final decision regarding the BoP that can fire while cloaked? did it get scrapped, did it go forward? i can find the post no longer or any direct mention of it, so i hope i didnt enter an alternate reality.

2nd, and i am being frank here....Romulans. I think with season 3 nearing the development end that the talks in the "meetings" ( or water-cooler rumors) are entering into Season 4.
What is the design so far.....what direction do you see as an impact into STO?

is it going to be a full fledged 3rd faction?

Is it going to be a playable faction and you align with S-fleet or KDF?
<< I mean with K v K pvp is non-existent due to low numbers of KDF players and the whole cloak debate. So if Romulans were able to choose a side to align with cloaking on both sides is cool and give the Nebual more of a role to "flesh out" the enemy. >>

What is the lore intent on them in STO? <<i read the timeline and found it a good read, lots of potential>>

What is envisioned for them that isnt all ready S-fleet or KDF.....same power, different name type stuff?

Will the ships be as extensive as KDF is now, or will there be creative license to CBS and come up with ideas/designs that havent been fully explored?