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10-28-2010, 09:32 PM
Of cause there are also the dozen or so DS9 shots showing the Defiant flying upside down, doing loops, flying vertically and "swimming" on its back.

So limiting our ships angles is un-cannon.

Paradise Lost -> Defiant fighting the Lakota, Upside down, and rolling around it self.
Sacrifice of Angels -> Defiant does loops.
For the Uniform -> Defiant pitches diagonally to avoid a colliding pylon.

And thoose are the ones I remember just like that.

In TNG there is also the "relics" episode, where the Enterprise pitches 100% vertically (while flying ahead), to get through the doors of the dysons sphere.

Of cause there is the Enterprise episode "The Expanse", there the NX class does a loop to get behind a BoP to kill it off.