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mmk, so i was reading one of the MMO news sites covering UGC in STO and there was concern over whether it was FAIR for devs to implement a feature that was essentially charging people a monthly sub to develop content for them.

yeeeea, i don't think that's happening, the devs won't head to the beach once UGC comes out...
(they can't... dev skin vaporizes on contact with sunlight)
some guy in Texas with a $139 tricorder replica won't be crafting our weekly episodes on a Mountain Dew fueled fanfic spree
(he'll be in the Cryptic office)
BUT i think there will always be the possibility that someone will create something so kick-ass that the devs will integrate it into the game
(like a sticky... in the forum of our hearts...)
Sooo if this situation comes to pass would the creators get a lil sum'n sum'n? like C-Moneys?