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10-29-2010, 01:30 AM
Often the problem is not having the ideas, but to actually see them through until everything is good. We'll see how well I do it with UGC. Maybe it's so much effort that I won't ever finish anything.

1) A story linking with Admiral Quinn and the Trill that work on the KDF side. Explain a little of their motivation, and otherwise deal with Klingon POWs and stuff like that.
2) A story for the Galaxy-X, kinda trying to explain its existence in the game. (Could be done for other ships, too.)
3) A "Damsel in distress" story on Risa. (Maybe even more than one, with different twists, and not always with Damsels)
4) Borg attack on Klingon colonies.
5) If possible, a Q-story with Klingons. Q loved to inspect the human nature and ideals - he might do the same for the Klingons. Kinda a "Mission Farpoint" for the KDF?