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10-29-2010, 06:08 AM
Originally Posted by Suraknar View Post
According to cannon, it falls upon the captain to choose whom they prefer to have part of their bridge senior staff. I think it could be beneficial from both a Consistency with Cannon perspective but more importantly, a gameplay perspective giving more purpose to seeking, training and exchanging officers right now, but also to permit us more flexibility with the game itself.
Wait I thought I did pick my BOs? I chose my BOs from a list. I chose which of those BOs were for the ship, ground or both. I chose who would fill what station from a list of officers on a similar career path. So I am confused by this thread.

Oh wait this is a clever plea for uni-stations.

OK I will admit there is the occasional moment I wish I had one, but once I figure out how to get a ship to work for me that all evaporates.

Did you know that right now I have two Klings one of which is my tied for favorite toon in game. I will have a third Kling before the weekend is over. None of them fly BoPs. One is almost a BG, yet not one flys BoP. Now if I have a considerable amount of time invested in the KDF and I do not chose to fly the only ship in the game with BO stations the way you wish all the ships in the game were, what does that suggest?

I did fly a BoP early on... It popped allot. In part because i tried to use it like a cruiser, and because it pays a heavy price to mount those uni-stations, battle cloak, and mostly their insane turn rate.

Right now in PvP there is a small peace of mind that comes from dedicated BO stations and that is having a tiny clue about what your opponent could throw at you. All ships with naught but uni-stations would destroy that aspect of the game.