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10-29-2010, 07:46 AM
Now see here... this idea I LIKE.

I do an awful LOT of PvP... but only SPACE PvP. When I make a captain, I always take accurate, evasion, Efficient Captain, and Warp Theorist... all space skills. When I lvl up, I don't EVER allocate points into ANY ground skill for ANY class. I just don't see the benefit. I have had several Admiral characters in the past... and with the exception of the BORG, I never find them challenging enough to 'waste' points in ground combat abilities.

By splitting them up, you create a forum for people to actually UTILIZE those skills. You vary peoples ability to create characters that are more than just 'ground tanks' or 'space tanks'. I would find this to be a GREAT way to have a more diverse and interesting character!

My suggestion would be, since ground abilities are so few compared to space abilities... perhaps you get a 'ground' skill point for every 4 or 5 regular skill points you spend. Also, when you make a captain, you get 4 space abilities, and 2 ground abilities to choose from.

Now I think THAT would make character builds FAR more diverse and interesting! Can we get a Dev opinion on this?