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I have gone through the old index that Tatanka had started and transferred what I thought was the most relevant information over to this thread. I know this seems redundant, but since Tatanka is no longer active, there is no way for anyone to edit or update his information, save for a moderator. I don't have any plans of leaving the game (lifetime subscriber), so hopefully, I can keep some of the good information that is out there (way too much for it all to be stickied) indexed in one location and easy to find. If anyone thinks I omitted anything that should be indexed or has any suggestions, please let me know.

Also I should point out; I do not necessarily endorse all of the threads listed OPs as the end all beat all to the topic specified. It is worth it to read through the comments in the threads as well for some well thought out discussion and dissension to what the OP posted. In a nutshell, read through the threads and make your own judgment to what best suits your play style.

Due to update forum guidelines and policies, some of these threads may be in danger of being deleted if they are idle for thirty days or more. Some of these threads have good information that does not change or update on a monthly basis. If you think these threads provide good information, you need to help keep them from deletion.
How can you do this? You can let the authors of these threads know they have done a good job by saying so. This does not mean that the same person says "good info" over and over again every thirty days, because that would be spammy. But if different people were to do so, or to ask questions of anything they are unclear of in a particular thread, that would help to keep them active. Even if the OP author is no longer active, anyone can answer a question they may know the answer to. Even if they don't, it keeps the thread valid.
If the OP authors of these threads can help themselves by providing any kind of new info on a monthly basis, that would help their own cause as well (some OPs already do this).
Just remember, you cannot spam threads with obvious "bumps."

Credit goes to Tatanka for starting the first index and to all of the people who spent much time gathering, testing, and posting the information provided.

Tatanka's Index

User Interface

Character Creation and Modification
In Game Achievements
Planners and Calculators
Charts and Maps
UGC/ The Foundry
STO Wikis and Fan Sites --External Sites
STO PodCasts and Radio Streams --External Sites
Star Trek Information --External Sites