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10-29-2010, 03:00 PM
The first mission I will create will focus on the Federation. i have this idea that might be ok in the realm of Star Trek. What I can say is that you will have to chase some Klingons clear across the quadrant so that they won't gain the power of THE CUBE. It will take a while before this story arc is complete because along the way you will have to face some hard obstacles and traps that the Klingons have set up. The idea I have for the end is that you beam down to this area and you end up having to fight side by side with the Klingons because soomething evil lurks. But after that the final battle takes place, first on ground then in space.

After that I want to focus on the war bewteen the federation and Klingons by exapnding on my first idea up there but also creating missions for the Klingons. My plan is to introduce defferent races in the many missions so that it doesn't get stale.