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10-29-2010, 05:20 PM
I quite like the 7 of 9 costume myself.

I've been wanting to give my Borg BOFF that silver top for ages now.
Kinda disappointed I couldn't get the handwebbing on her, but they say there's a fix in progress for that.
Costume options (Captain)
Costume options (BOFF)

Kindof disappointed that it's Federation only though.

I'm not planning on using it on my KDF Borg BOFF, but my Cardassian faction Science Captain will be a Liberated Borg female and I might have liked to try these options on her.

Not a fan of the boots though, but that's just my personal preference, I don't like high heels.

A question, did 7 of 9 ever have kneehigh boots?
There were 2 options for 7 of 9 boots, ankle and knee.

I was kindof expecting this would be an "exclusive" for Liberated Borg characters and BOFFs though.
Why would a character who's not a Borg have Borg implants?