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10-29-2010, 04:22 PM
Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Why do I have a Déjà Vu?
Yes I am sorry for bringing up the same suggestion in two places, I realized after I posted the first one that this area may have been appropriate as well.

It is interesting except the people that shared their opinions on both to see however different people's perspectives.

I found this point quite interesting:

Right now in PvP there is a small peace of mind that comes from dedicated BO stations and that is having a tiny clue about what your opponent could throw at you. All ships with naught but uni-stations would destroy that aspect of the game.
I feel this comment demonstrates that Star Ships in this game mean very little in the overall picture, and since BO's are part of ship equipment and not an element which is "floating", like one would expect in reality.

It demonstrates that the combat system of this game is based largely on a "character" model. meaning that not unlike some other type of game, where there are Classes, such as Rogues and Priests and Warriors, this game's Ships and its combat is indeed designed like such a system instead of a system based on Ships.

Lets for a moment assume that we take any of the Crews of ST series and give them a different type of ship, do you think that they will just suddenly lose their ranks and position just because they are in a different ship?

Spock will be commander and first officer of Kirk no matter the ship, same with Riker same with Chakotay etc. Geordi will still take care of engineering just like Scotty did when the crew used a BOP instead of the enterprise (ST IV), and this was not a result of the BOP having universal seats that can accommodate anyone, it was because Scotty was the Chief engineer of that Crew and independently of the ship that crew was operating he would assume that role and would be able to apply his knowledge nevertheless.

All I am trying to say is that in this game the ships themselves are just for looks really, and maybe that is why many find that the game lacks in that area (the game is great in many other areas), specially in PvP, where the combat system is too much ability based rather than ship board equipment based.

Picard would be able to perform any Attack pattern in any ship independently of its role profile.

I know Cryptic may not be interested in improving their Ship system, yet I also know that the game is losing popularity, and part of the reasons it does is also the approach that the game currently has on StarShips and how Combat works, which affects other areas of enjoyment in the long run.

I am not saying Cryptic made a Mistake, or that they intentionally designed the system like this in order to be able o sell Ship Constumes in the C-Store. All I am saying is that there are many people who do not relate to it and would have preferred a different approach.

And if we all have some type of interest in improving this game so that it reaches beyond it currently shrinking population, then this is a very good area to start improving.

No matter how many missions and adventures are added, if the people do not relate to the vehicle that carries them through them the people will not come back.