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10-29-2010, 05:25 PM
Originally Posted by evilhippo View Post
I'd like the thank the guys at Cryptic for also providing a version of this excellent outfit for Klingon players, along with a Klingon TOS 'Mara' miniskirt and a Klingon Mercinary outfit and 'Valkris' off-duty wear and 'Azetbur' formal wear and a Klingon veteran players reward outfit and...

...oh... hang on...
Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari
Yes. The Devs have said in various posts that they do. I don't get it myself, but for some reason when they made the KDF player faction they used a whole different body type (and it's not the same body as the Fed Playable Klingon or the Klingon NPCs that have cool robes/jackets).

Personally I think they need to make it a priority to fix the character body/clothes/alien generator. All clothing/body types that a player account has unlocked should be available for all characters: Captains or BOs. So this means my Amazon Borg BO should be able to wear the Laser FX'd implants and Infected Skin Type that my Liberated Borg Captain can wear, and conversly, my Lib Borg Captain should be able to wear the Borg BOFF Suit. My "Alien" that's part Trill should be able to have Trill spots down her whole body just like my Joined Trill Captain. My KDFs should be able to wear Merc Clothes and my Fed vampy BOs should be able to wear slutty Orion slave chick clothes and everyone should be able to put on Nausicaan Armor. And don't get me started on the difference in clothing slots between Uniform and Off Duty. Especially since they only sell one type in the C-Store. That's just all pooey.

It should all be universal. Any bipedal, symmetrical being should be able to fit into the clothes. And there is cannon showing Feds (and vice versa) wearing uniforms of the other faction. Clothes are clothes. Again, assuming I've unlock the option either because it's a free uni, came with a pre-buy, C-Store purchase, or some in-game mechanic (Vet rewards, Amabassador, VA rank, etc.), it should be available.

I've never seen this issue on an Engineering Report as even Under Investigation. And it seems to me, the more unis they release, the deeper in the hole they'll be, I would think. Please Cryptic, get it fixed now!

/End Rant
Originally Posted by John_Hardy View Post
I third that. as I have in the many other threads about it.
Originally Posted by Tilarta View Post
I quite like the 7 of 9 costume myself.

Kindof disappointed that it's Federation only though.

I'm not planning on using it on my KDF Borg BOFF, but my Cardassian faction Science Captain will be a Liberated Borg female and I might have liked to try these options on her.
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When you create any item like clothing can you not make a duplicate for the other faction , this is getting really pathetic now.

Also does one outfit that must take a proffessional mmo company a few hours to make really have to go into the c-store , have the shirt sof our back if you want.
Seems to be what almost everyone here is thinking.