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I feel this comment demonstrates that Star Ships in this game mean very little in the overall picture, and since BO's are part of ship equipment and not an element which is "floating", like one would expect in reality.

All I am trying to say is that in this game the ships themselves are just for looks really, and maybe that is why many find that the game lacks in that area (the game is great in many other areas), specially in PvP, where the combat system is too much ability based rather than ship board equipment based.
Giving all of the ships universal BO stations would go along way towards making a ship nothing more than a skin. As they stand now each class has quirks you have to adapt to and that is more character like than simply setting up a ship for the latest "IwinButton" strategy of the week.

Originally Posted by Suraknar View Post
I know Cryptic may not be interested in improving their Ship system, yet I also know that the game is losing popularity, and part of the reasons it does is also the approach that the game currently has on StarShips and how Combat works, which affects other areas of enjoyment in the long run.

No matter how many missions and adventures are added, if the people do not relate to the vehicle that carries them through them the people will not come back.
One of the points of Star Trek was that the ship it's self is a character. When I first started to watch TOS as a child it was the Enterprise it's self that hooked me. Of course the guy who kept the Enterprise running was the character I related to first and Scott became my favorite for a time. Then it occurred to me that to control such a ship was more sublime than to touch and tinker with it. Then Kirk and Spock, who's combined intuition and logic guided the actions that the Enterprise and crew acted out, became my favorites. Well if Kirk and Spock tell the crew what to do and the crews actions make the ship do what it does, then the guy who maintains the crew is just as important as the guy who maintains the ship. They are even more important in a way because they maintain the guy who maintains the ship and the guys who command the ship. Then DeForest Kelly's McCoy became my all time favorite. He is the only Starfleet doc to figure this ethos out.

The reason for this diatribe is not one character does it all. Even McCoy had his limitations. Like every character has it's limitation every station has it's function. How often did we see Uhura answer a hail from Sulu's tactical station? How many torpedo salvos did Sulu issue from Checkov's navigation station? How many asteroid fields did Checkov navigate from Uhura's communication console? Just as your arm is your arm and would make a terrible leg.

For that matter if I assign a commander to an ensign station they are still a commander. It's just that the station cannot handle the full awesomeness of that commander. If you recall the set of the 1701 there were many sub stations on the bridge that cover this STO convention. As your selected bridge crew grows the "extras" not in the uniform you selected for your assigned crew get replaced by your new crew selection. Don't believe me? The next time you make a new tier visit your bridge when you fist take your new ship out of ESD1, then visit again when you make level 10 in that same tier and tell me I am full of dookie.

I know, I know. This is the 25th century and the ships are much more advanced, like the two consoles of the 1701-D. Ah but even the 1701-D had sub-stations in the background behind the Captain's chair manned by extras, just like the 1701's. Same story for the 1701-E. Same story for the Advanced Escort as presented in the game.