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10-30-2010, 03:34 AM
I been wanting them to seperate Ground and Space Skills for months now. Because a good majority of STO players invest in Space skills, in which there can be exception for Tactical players.

I really would love to see them improve the ground tree so it is more involved and actually tree out into actual class specializations. For example, right now STO Science can be both Doctor and "Scientist", but really saw McCoy or Crusher knowing Astrophysics.

Tacticals could easily have specialization into the various weapons and even advanced Martial Arts and not even needing weapons.

Engineers can easily go into a Turrets, Shields, Weapon Modifications, Drones (Medical, Attack, Support).

Science going into Medical Profession, Chemistry (make new types of gases to stun), or Physics.

Engineers and Sciences could have available basic weapon skills and martial arts.

Tactical and Engineers could learn basic medicine and make better use of Medical Kits and hypos.

If Cryptic does make the ground tree available, then they can enhance ground combat a bit more and make it challenging than a cakewalk on Normal Difficulty. And perhaps people fully speced for ground could go do the new Elite Mode and handle those terribily overpowered mobs.