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Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
I don't think CBS would approve of a Universal Bridge Officer.

Besides, I don't recall any Star Trek character ever dual rolling. The only character that came close was Tom Paris supplementing the Doctor with his medic training. And there was Worf delivering Molly on the Ent-D, but his skills were basic medical training too.

Now I could see Cryptic adding a Command division if roles are further defined, in which Command officers could supplement other characters. But that would require Bridge Officers in space being disabled (injured).
Actually I think you are not paying attention. We do not see the Dual role happening often in the series and movies, but it does happen.

It happens in the episodes which propel the protagonists in odd and temporary situations, usually episodes that have to do with Alternate time lines, and realities, where we know everything we go back to normal in the end of the episode.

In these episode we have seen almost everyone dual rolling and taking up the functions of someone else that under normal circumstances they would not.

We have never seen Sulu or Checkov being blown to bits so that Spock runs over and takes their place, but that does not mean that Spock does not know how to operate Ships Helm or Fire Torpedoes.

It is just that this is not his normal function, and the episode script did not call for such action, where in the few episodes with alternate times lines and realities the script can afford to have some of the protagonists die or taken out of commission because this is something temporary.

As for Klingon ships, we have seen them exchange role because some guy got blown to peaces (which is fine since they are extras not protagonists), and the captain immediately replaced them with the next candidate from another Station which he or she deemed at the time was less important.

Conversely, this never happened when the crew of the Enterprise was Commanding a BOP, no one got blown to peaces for Kirk to call for someone else to replace them. But this does not mean that they are not capable of doing so.

As such we have seen, even the Ships Counselor take active role in Combat operations, or a Holographic medical Officer, even if these under normal circumstances are not their primary functions.

The point is that Intelligent being are not dumb machines, we are more than capable of adapting ourselves to different circumstances and change our function as the situation calls. And that is the Caveat with the current implementation, BO's are not portrayed or even considered as living beings even if we are expected to see them as such, they have very limited and single functions, like if they were all a Component of the ship itself and what makes that ship up rather than its crew, its operators.

Besides, all Academy Cadets learn all aspects of Star Ship operations and then they Choose (and are Assigned) to the one where they have the most talent in. It is not like a Helmsman is only trained to do one single thing and does not know how to operate a Comm Link.

Because it may happen that BO's die that the Function Structure is demolished in a battle and everyone must be able to step up and change roles, otherwise it would be too easy to disable enemy ships, just kill a few key personnel and the ship does not operate after that. It is part of every cadet's basic training.

That being said,

I think some of you misunderstand me, I am not seeking for an "I win" button, please dissociate yourselves from the idea that what I am proposing is to have all ships have Universal Consoles under the current system. It is assumed in my suggestion that surrounding and connected systems of the game will also be adjusted accordingly to reflect this reality and address any possible issues in relation to the current system.

In the bigger picture what I am suggesting is re-imagining or rebooting if you will this aspect of the game, and BO's are the start point.

Originally Posted by piwright42 View Post
Giving all of the ships universal BO stations would go along way towards making a ship nothing more than a skin. As they stand now each class has quirks you have to adapt to and that is more character like than simply setting up a ship for the latest "IwinButton" strategy of the week.
You are right but not exactly as you perceive it. Actually I find it funny that you would say that because right now what makes the Ship is the BO's, so the ships itself is a Skin to begin with, smartly hidden.

If the BO's are made Unversal, it emphasizes that fact, it makes it Obvious! But it does not change it, which means that it is a fact right now. Right now the Ships are but Skins.

And in the rest of your post you are contradicting your own self. Since, you yourself realized, that a Ship independently of its crew should maintain its capabilities.

Yet, in STO it does not, because if we change the crew to Universal it changes the Capabilities of the Ship.

So my suggestion here, actually is in Line to how you would like things to be, where Ships themselves are the beholders of Capabilities and Roles and not the BO complement which ideally could enhance a given ships areas (Offense Defense or Support), but not alter its primary role nevertheless.

The Ship itself, its design, its components and Equipment must determine the role, then the crew comes in and operates it and ad flavor and possibilities to it all, and make Captains feel like Captains being able to choose the configuration of their Bridge Own Bridge Crew and decide the distribution of their Officers, some may like to have a Commander Scientist others may like to have an Engineer or a Tactical officer...Independently of the Ship that they are currently Commanding.

A small Example: The Galaxy Class Cruiser is equipped with Torpedoe Launchers that are capable of shooting in various configurations, Salvoes etc...this does not depend on who is manning the tactical Console it depends on the build of the ship itself.

So yes, we basically want the same thing.