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10-30-2010, 08:17 PM
Originally Posted by Freeman79 View Post
Why people like you have lost their appeal.

3 totally unnecessary posts by you.
People are ofc allowed to give their expression of the game, but your 3 posts weren't exactly helpful to the community or Cryptic.

You have a choise you know, and it's quite easy actually.

If you don't like what you see, just take your money elsewhere, there's always other games out there, why don't you try them out instead, I'm sure they are better.

Also, I gonna try to hide my disappointment for you leavling the game...
The EVE forums are full of replies like this. Not very helpful. What TalShadaraq is really saying is -something is missing after the initial excitement wears off-.

When a game becomes repetitive it's because the randomness of it is missing. Missions are the same old thing, rewards are the same old thing.

What STO needs is something different. Branching missions where player choices determine outcome and rewards. Something else too...STO needs death. The possibility of losing officers permanently to ground combat. This added drama must include an added element of comradery. As well as the ability to promote your officers, you should as captain have the ability to award medals and decorations. The ability to see them at Stardock at the club and at your promotion ceremony. When you promote them, they should have a ceremony as well where you pin their new rank and salute them. As it is now they are as expendable as ammo.

It all cant just be pew-pew all the time. There has to be an element of immersion that makes the pew-pew feel like life and death. A psychological element that makes you question your superiors at times as well as your own values and convictions.

I would love to write missions for this game.