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10-31-2010, 01:25 AM
Great episode cryptic. A round of applause is deserved.

Great scenery, loved the dark corridors!
Great atmosphere, almost felt like I was playing a completely different game. Got me on the edge of my seat wondering what was around the next corner!
The dude shouting "bonnie-kin" almost made me wet my pants , the plasma leaks rocked, the Devidians passing you in the corridor,The spiders, the sliding doors, excellent, and the final boss was pleasingly difficult.

Loved the flash-light. Loved it. Nice move.

I can only hope there are more like this. A new standard has been set by which to measure all other ground missions.

Re: The final boss
Kill the little ones first. I had to then kill the biggest dude (Phantasm), then the "Elo..thing" or whatever it was called, just couldn't get him down otherwise. Had to be on the ball with reviving my BOFFs too they each died a few times when he pulled that David Blaine shiz.
Oh and always carry lots of hypos ;-)