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10-31-2010, 03:04 PM
Thanks Chaddington.

Higher damage really does not equal difficulty, at least not on a 1:1 basis. When you get instantly killed, there is little you can do to overcome that. It is less of a challenge and more of an inevitability.

I understand you guys might be working to make us use more equipment with resists or other things. Unfortunately with the way random missions are, it is very difficult to stay properly equipped. In other games, you can go to an area and fight enemies of the same type for maybe 80% of the time. There would be minimal equipment juggling in that case. In STO, there is a fairly wide variety of random enemies. Say you need 3 gear sets to cover "everything". You could literally swap pieces of equipment 45 times in the course of one Explore (5 BOs x 3 items x 3 missions).

I used to really enjoy Elite, but have not played it in some time since I started regularly running in to insta-kill mobs. It's frustrating to do a mission for 30+ minutes only to discover one of these mobs in the last group. The walk back from respawn is an extra kick in the pants.

Please keep working on tiered abilities and AI tactics for the different difficulty levels. That makes a big difference. I am looking forward to seeing those results.