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10-31-2010, 07:29 PM
i like the idea... but it is very ambitious.

would you accept a "watered down" version? one that exists in the frameowrk of the existing game?

i propose giving each faction their own economic system, with their own currencies.

for now Fed, klingon, and ferengi(for now ferrengi would be AI).
then later romulan.

each has access to the same equipment and items currently sold on the exchange.

but when you post on the exchange you ask for a particular currency for you price.

the non-monetary, replicator savy, feds can use energy credits.
the ferrengi can use gold pressed latinum strips
and the klingon can use their currency... and so on
but all items would be posted so that every one would have access... the trick is getting the right currency!

as the exchange is now most items can be purchased by both sides easily.
however with bridge officers, you see strange varying prices on either side depending on what tactics and skills either one uses.
certain skills in the EMpire or more sought after then ones on the fed side.

this way a player can try to keep the other faction from purchasing certian technology, unless an opposing player gets their hands on the proper currency.

likewise you can find an item that the other side values greatly (especially phasrs and beams on the fed side) and sell them for the other side's currency and accumulate foreign currency to make purchases for yourself in the future.

in most cases we want to stream line a process for simplicty.

but when it comes to economics, adding a little inefficiency might add some amount fo thrill to the game and complexity!

some players will just stick to their currency.
others my start playing the role of a investment banker, farmer, or gun runner!

also we should be taking latinum more seriously in this game!

in all the series, latinum is the only real way to do business outside your empire/federaiton.

and where ever there is latinum... the ferrengi are never far behind!

i think adding a little complexity to the super simple and almost redundent energy credit economy we have right now may make the game more rewarding to play!