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11-01-2010, 12:55 AM
Have all of the bugged insta-kill ground mobs been removed yet? If that is more of what is being put in, then I say that is a bad thing. Elite ground combat has been very badly balanced, mostly thanks to these bugged mobs (sorry I refuse to even consider them to be working as intended). Everything is fine and then you encounter a bugged mob and the whole squad is down in 2 seconds flat.

Considering how dumb the BOs are on the ground, I don't think that ramping up the difficulty a whole lot is a good idea. The only counter that really works is to have multiple healers which is kind of a lame way to play. A group of five players can counter some very difficult mobs, by using such things as weapons overload to shut down an insane damage dealer, but the BOs are just too dumb.

How about giving us a separate slider for space and ground if that is going to be the case?