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Originally Posted by Costigan
I realize this starship is a fan fiction, but with the talk of doing a fan ship, I thought I'd toss this one out there.

I'm not sure of their real names, but the original design was done by ASR CO COVENTRY from Sci-Fi Meshes and the 3D Modeling was done by Medjai from Sci-Fi Meshes.

I think it would be a great addition to the Star Trek Online universe. I'm not sure what legal steps need to be taken, but it has become a popular ship amongst Star Trek role players.

Here is the link on Sci-Fi Meshes with posted dimensions by Medjai and a link to download the 3d Model.
::: Laughs .... I know Ed who created the original drawings for that ship.

It began as a 2-D model and was for use in the role-playing game "Alt-Starfleet-RPG" where I once wrote and "captained" an RPG team.

Diligent-class Warship

The next-generation escort vessel, the Diligent has more range and sustained endurance in a fight than the Defiant or Thunderbolt. While not as hard-hitting as her predecessors in a concentrated forward attack, Diligent has the ability to sustain a higher sustained rate of energy transfer to her weapons systems and to engage more simultaneous targets than either. This means that her combat effectiveness is higher. The addition of limited point defense capability and enhanced electronic warfare systems also make her much more effective in preventing damage to ships that she is escorting.
Here are the original stats for that ship that were created for their timeline ...

And here are more images from their gallery ...

I may not write with them any more (moved on to another group) but because it is the work of Ed Bell ... I feel they deserve the links and recognition.

Additional: Might as well include the following.

The following ships of the class are in service ...

* USS Diligent NCC-87651
* USS Resolute NX-87652 -attached to Orestes Station, Blue Fleet
* USS Allegiance NCC-87655
* USS Steadfast NCC-87659

And here is a link to the unit where the one used in RP is attached ...

You can see more ship designs used by ASR in their Bureau of Information website on this page ...

And ... Here are some other concept designs Ed has drawn up as "Beta" designs ...

It's worth browsing.

I'll now let you get back to your regularly scheduled thread.